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A New Horizon

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Why Study In Singapore

Singapore has a rich legacy and culture, and like many of its ilk has many a surprise up its sleeve. It was however not like that earlier, but with the determined and continuous effort put in by prominent leaders and the public, the city-state today has emerged as an important trading destination in Asia. Diverse cultures, languages and religions give Singapore a cosmopolitan look. The Government of Singapore, sensing the potential and need for quality education in nation building has pumped in huge revenues into the educational sector and has also made it one of the priority sectors of the country. By choosing to study in Singapore, international students have an opportunity to not only be plugged into an education system that promotes excellence, but also be a part of a global community.

An Emerging Educational hub

It is no secret that Singapore will lead the educational revolution in the 21st century supported by an unfaltering educational infrastructure and globally revered scholars to guide the students. The Universities of the land are among the best is also supported by The Times Higher Education QS World University 2008 rankings, as a number of them featured in the top 50 list.

A holistic approach to Education

Singapore`s educational system has seen a complete overhaul from its traditional British-based education system and today encompasses all that is required to succeed in contemporary times. Consequently, the emphasis is on nurturing natural talent and helping the individual achieve his true potential. At the core of its educational structure is its bilingual policy (English with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil) ably supported by a comprehensive curriculum that reflects commendable innovation and entrepreneurship. There is an international mix of institutions which provide the students an ideal platform for sharing of knowledge and ideas with their counterparts from across the globe.

Technically Advanced

Singapore is considered a favored education destination today as it is well connected with the rest of the world via a vibrant communication network, be it by sea or by air. With a high Internet penetration, students enjoy being connected with the rest of the world with the click of a button. Students are also well connected to rest of the island in an unrestrained manner which helps them undertake various recreational sports and mingle with students belonging to diverse cultural background to understand their traditions and culture.

Feel at Home

While pursuing higher education in Singapore you will experience a high standard of living akin to London or New York. It`s a safe country to live and study in and there is great respect for rules and regulations within the state. There are students from different communities and cultures which makes living and studying in Singapore a fulfilling experience.

Permanent Visa Business Visa Student Visa

Permanent residency refers to a person's visa status: the person is allowed to reside indefinitely within a country of which he or she is not a citizen. A person with such status is known as a permanent resident.Person will be issued some sort of documentary evidence as legal proof of this status.

Foreign travelers going to other countries to conduct temporary business, for example business meetings and consultations, attending conventions and conferences, or negotiating contracts, need visitor visas unless they qualify for entry under the Visa Waiver Program.

Generally, students who wish to study in Foreign Countries must first obtain a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay, or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. Your course of study and the type of school you plan to attend determine the type of visa.