Work Visa Canada

Employment Opportunity

Canada has good employment opportunity. The job market is very similar to that of any developed country.Canada has a strong and stable economy that creates a huge demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers from a different range of fields such as Engineers, IT, Education, Human Resource, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Media & others. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for skilled migrants from across the globe.

The service sector jobs are in a dominant position, but also have good opportunities in the manufacturing and natural resource sector. Communication skills in English language is one of the major requirements if you are looking for a high paying job. Though there are provinces like Quebec which require French language as their first preferred language, resulting in majority of Quebec population speaking French. For specific high paying jobs, you may also be required to have a good command over the French Language. Blue collar worker (also referred to as manual labourers) may be skilled or unskilled and may involve in manufacturing, mining, construction, mechanical work and maintenance. Some of them being very significant in nature. In Spite of having equal pay as any other service sector job, the only drawback to it seems to be the lack of benefits of such as health care, vacation, and bonuses. 

Presently, the health sectors, sales & services and manufacturing sector offer the highest employment opportunities.

Canada Work Permit is designed for international skilled workers with a job offer from Canada. Work permit does not let the visa holder live in Canada permanently but is valid for the period till the job offer is valid or employment contract is intact.

Visa Requirements

  • Valid Passport
  • Job offer letter from employer in Canada
  • Employer must have a labour market opinion (LMO)
  • Good health & character

Jobs that do not require a work permit

  • Athletes and coaches
  • Aviation accident or incident investigators
  • Civil aviation inspectors
  • Clergy
  • Convention organizers
  • Crew members
  • Emergency service providers
  • Examiners and evaluators
  • Expert witnesses or investigators
  • Family members of foreign representatives
  • Spouses and children of foreign representatives
  • Foreign government officers
  • Foreign representatives
  • Health care students
  • Judges, referees and similar officials
  • Military personnel
  • News reporters, film and media crews
  • Performing artists
  • Foreign artists and their key support staff (people vital to the performance)
  • Public speakers
  • Students working on campus

Visa Features

You are allowed to work in Canada

  • You can take up study courses
  • You can visit across the country
  • Your spouse and dependent children can accompany you

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