Student Visa Canada

Canadian universities are reputed and they are known for excellence and quality education. Studying in Canada is itself is a golden opportunity given to numerous international students to study in a safe and friendly environment. A degree from a Canadian university makes you significantly more attractive to potential employers in the future. Canada allows you to get an internationally recognized degree at a less tuition fee but also allows you to attain valuable work experience while studying. International students prefer to study in Canada in order to boost their credentials as well as a way to raise the marketability of the skills that could ultimately translate into a lucrative career. Additionally, sports as well as academic scholarships are also available for international students at undergraduate levels.

Basic Features of the Visa

Foreign students can experience Canada's high-quality education system, state-of-the-art research facilities, and distinct post-graduate employment opportunities

Students can avail of the awards, scholarships, and bursaries that many educational institutions offer.

Canada Study Visa, Canada Student Visa, Canada Study Permit also allows an international student to work part time on the campus of the educational institution in which he/she is studying, throughout the school year. Students are also entitled to apply for Off-Campus Work visa after 6 months On this visa, students can also explore Canada’s diverse landscape and gain Canadian work experience.

Foreign students can remain in Canada for up to 2 years, as they are also entitled to apply for the Post-Graduation Work visa.

An application for permanent residence can also be made in most cases, allowing them to work and live in Canada permanently

Canada Student Visa

This visa is granted to foreign nationals who would like to study in Canada for a certain period of time. Prior to applying for the visa, individuals need to meet the below requirements:

  • Letter of acceptance from the Canadian university.
  • Sufficient finances to stay and meet daily expenses in Canada.
  • No crime records.
  • Ready to undergo medical exam successfully.
  • Willing to depart the country after the purpose of their visit.

International students are also allowed to work in Canada while studying on student visa. In certain cases, foreign students should obtain Canada student work permit to take-up employment in Canada.

Extension of the Student Visa

Applicants intending to extend their stay in Canada as a student should apply for renewal of the visa 30 days before the current visa expired. If the current visa expires before the decision is made, the applicant is allowed to stay in Canada under the same status till the decision is made.

The applicant should apply for renewal of the study permit if the applicant intends to travel out of Canada and his/her study permit expires whilst traveling. The study permit cannot be extended beyond the expiry date on the applicant’s passport.

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