Family Immigration Australia

Australia welcomes Skilled Workers and their family members. It has introduced an Australian Family migration stream, which reunites immediate and extended family members with their qualified Australian relatives.


Australian Family Migration Stream

Individuals, who would like to migrate to Australia under Family Immigration Stream, must be sponsored by a relative or a close family member who

  • is an Australian citizen
  • PR holder
  • Eligible New Zealand national with at least 18 years of age.
  •  This family immigration stream is one of the major components of Australia’s migration program.


Categories Under Australian Family Migration Stream

In the family stream, immigrants are picked based on their family ties with the Australian sponsor. This stream of immigration is categorized into four main types such as:

  • Child Visa Class
  • Parent Visa Class
  • Partner Visa Class
  • Other family Visa Class


Child Visa

In this category, there exist three types of visas:

  • A child visa intended for dependent kid or a child of a sponsor in Australia 
  • An adoption visa intended for a child who is adopted from a foreign nation by an Australian sponsor
  • An orphan relative visa is intended for a child who can’t be cared by any of their parents and whose age is below 18 years while lodging the application.


Parent Visa 

There are two types of visas in this parent category:

  • The contributory parent visa designed for eligible parents of the Australian sponsor. Here, an applicant must be willing to pay a higher visa application fee as a contribution to the cost of their welfare and health in Australia.
  • A parent visa is designed for parents of an Australian sponsor. The Aged Parent visa (subclass 804) and Parent (subclass 103) are the two types of visa under this parent visa.


Partner Visa

In partner visa category there exist two types of visas:

  • A spouse or partner visa is designed for de-facto partner or spouse, which includes a similar sex spouse or a partner of a sponsor in Australia.
  • A potential marriage visa is designed for fiancé, who is in overseas and planning to marry his or her sponsor in Australia after moving to Australia.


Other Family Visas

The following are the remaining three visas, which comes under other family visa categories

  • A Career Visa.
  • An Aged Dependent Relative Visa.
  • A Remaining Relative Visa.


Eligibility criteria for sponsorship          

Below is the criterion that must be complied with applicants for successful family immigration:

  • In Partner category, individuals should be sponsored by their partner or spouse or a parent or guardian of their partner provided they apply on the grounds of a married relationship.
  • In Child category, applicants should be sponsored by a parent (excluding certain step-parents) or relative, or that individual’s cohabiting partner.
  • In Parent category, individuals are sponsored by their child; however they can also be sponsored by their child's spouse or partner. If the child is below 18 years of age, certain other individuals can sponsor the applicant.
  • In other family, category individuals should be sponsored by an eligible partner or relative.

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