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Canada Government confirms launching of the much awaited Express Entry 2015 visa program.

What is Canada Express Entry system?

Basically, the expression of interest program is an immigration program where an individual needs to submit the relevant credentials related to the education, qualifications, work experience and others that provide a clear explanation of their curiosity in working and residing in a destined country for quick visa processing. Express Entry is the new selection system for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada. The newly announced Canada Express Entry Immigration Program is influenced by an equivalent model, which was initially developed in New Zealand and freshly accepted by Australia.

Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. Canada Express Entry Visa Scheme is alike to applying for a job through one huge central organization in Canada, which later presents applicant's certificates and resume to smaller organizations such as Canadian employers or provinces.

Canada Work Visa

The unique thing about the Canada Visa entry Program 2015 is that the aspirant need not apply for a specific job. The applicant has to apply first with all his credentials, along with an Expression of Interest. After submitting the application, the Canadian authorities allow the employers select the suitable candidates from the pool of applications submitted with an Expression of Interest. After selecting a suitable applicant with the required credentials, the employer has to ask the authorities to send an invitation to the Applicant. After receiving the job invitation, the applicant has to apply for the job selected.

Benefits of the Express Entry Visa Program

  • When an applicant selected through the Program he is eligible to apply for the Permanent Residence visa as the work visa under the express entry 2015 program is a permanent one.
  • The visa holder is eligible to work and stay anywhere in the country if selected under the Federal express entry 2015 program
  • The Visa holder can take his/her spouse and dependent children with him/her.
  • The visa holder's spouse is eligible to apply for a work and with his/her qualifications he/she is eligible to get a job in the country.
  • No cap on a number of applications to apply for PR.
  • Applicants can focus and highlight on their impressive credentials.
  • No specific occupations list.
  • Applicants have the liberty to include all the qualifications that they feel are most pertinent to their application.
  • Applicants can apply for Canada Express Entry system at any time.

The dependent children and the dependent parents are also eligible to visit and stay with the visa holder. The Express entry program visa holder and the family members staying in the country are eligible to get medical care and medical expenses reimbursement from the government.

Global gateways inviting applications for the program from Eligible Candidates. The program application and getting a job under the program needs a lengthy process and perfect documentation procedures. Our Counselling experts will assist you in the whole process. 

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The specialty of Canada Express Entry

Under the Canada Express Entry system, a limitless number of applicants can apply and the quality plays a significant role when compared to the present minimum requirement, first come first served. Moreover, applications will be selected based on the labor market demands, which means that the application submitted first will not always have a benefit over an improved application that is submitted months later.

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