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Immigration to Australia

Australia can be an ideal destination for you and your family! Find yourself amid fabulous employment opportunities and excellent standard of living, when in Australia. This is what makes Australia a hugely popular destination among Indians planning to start a new life.


Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is one of the most urbanized populations in the world. Sydney and Melbourne are the most urbane, modern and technologically advanced cities in Australia. Along with being rich in natural resources and immense of fertile lands, more than one-third of Australia is a desert. Australia has demand for skilled, semi-skilled workers from a different range of fields such as Engineers, IT, Education, Human Resource, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Maritime & much more. Australia is one of the world's most ethnically diverse nations. 


Global Immigration Consultants can help you to migrate to Australia as efficiently as possible.

How does it work?

Migrating to a different country to work, settle or study is an expensive & time-consuming process. Sometimes, even after a lot of time, money & effort has been spent, the migration attempt can be unsuccessful.

Immigration to Australia is the process by which people migrate to Australia to reside. Australia is ranked as the second best country in the world for quality of life through a UN report which assessed the economic, education and life expectancy data. Money, while it cannot buy happiness, is a valuable means of accomplishing higher standard of living. Immigrants in Australia are from different parts of the world. The majority of these individuals become Australian citizens.

GIC understands you and your needs & offers a helping hand for your immigration requirements. Here's some information about how immigration process to Australia works:

  •  Australia offers various options for those who want to settle as permanent residents. Before you apply, you need to be sure that you actually qualify as per the current rules.

  • GIC offers a technical evaluation for those looking to settle in Australia. This is a mandatory requirement as it allows us to be sure with your eligibility.

  • If your evaluation is positive, GIC will accept your case for processing. In case your evaluation report is negative, GIC will give you a complimentary report for another country.

  • Most immigration programs are point based and the Eligibility Report is an elaborate document that contains your Score Card.

How GIC’s Immigration Consultant Services can help-

GIC’s Services houses a team of professional consultants that ensure the timely processing of all tourist and business applications by coordinating with the relevant authorities. This enables you to travel easily and have a hassle free trip or immigration to Australia. Our services include handling all documentations or online applications for all travel and immigration applications. The services provided by our professional consultants can help ensure an easy application process for you, significantly reducing any risk of application rejection.


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This is what is required to be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia:

Age: Below 50 years
Qualification: At least a Diploma
Work Experience: 2-3 yrs relevant industry experience
Language: Fluent in English

This is just for starters. For a more detailed analysis & processing, get in touch with us today! 

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Visa for Australia


There are various point based visas under which one can go forward for the skilled independent and nominated subclasses; some are permanent and temporary too. The other visas are for business visa, working holiday visas and the student visas, which give a magnificent opportunity to the candidate to complete the education and settle down in Australia as immigrants and play a vital role in the emerging economy of the country.

For renewing the Australian Permanent Residency Visa, one has to get the RRV, the Resident Return Visa (RRV). It simplifies the re-entry into Australia of permanent residents.

Well, it usually depends upon the factors, i.e. type of visa you apply, how accurately it is filled and submitted, your location while applying for the visa, etc. If you are applying for PR via skilled visa, the visa processing time usually takes three months.

If you are married to an Australian Citizen/Permanent Resident/ or eligible New Zealand Citizen, you can immigrate to Australia on spouse category of Visa on getting sponsored by your partner in Australia for 2 years. However, you can apply for the Australian PR only after two years of stay in Australia, provided your relationship continues to be stable.

To extend the Australian Permanent Residency you can also file a residence return visa having the evidence of a current or former permanent residence visa.

The most common method used by the students to apply for the Australian Permanent Residency is through the General Skilled Migration after completing their studies.

To get Permanent Residency in Australia after studies has numerous options. The 487 visa provides a pathway for the students after their studies to work for 3 years as a permanent residence.The 887 visa awards the student’s Australia Permanent Residency, with this you can live and work after studies in Australia permanently; you must have already lived in Australia for two years.

Permanent Residence means you have a visa that permits you to live in Australia indefinitely. Australian Permanent Resident (PR) is an epithet to an intruder who is a bearer of a Permanent Visa. There are various visas that entail permanent residence for citizenship purposes.

After getting Permanent Residency in Australia you can live, work and study without any constraint limitations like the citizens of Australia are living since birth. A permanent resident has rights over most of the entitlements of a native citizen of Australia enjoys.

The benefits of Australian Permanent Residents:
1. Travel Opportunities: To travel from Australia to any part of the world. The PR holders of Australia are granted the permission to travel to New Zealand and also work over there.
2. The Freedom of Education: It has world class Universities; the education in Australia offers best opportunities to avail immediate employment and career.
3. Liberty of working in any desired field, the environment is friendly and motivating.
4. Child benefits and Medicare Insurance are the highlights of the benefit provided to the Permanent Residents of Australia.
5. The child born to the parents in Australia are deemed citizens of Australia since birth.
The permanent residents in Australia & the citizenship have a mighty difference between both:
  • A citizen has an automatic right to enter into Australia, and if a permanent resident travels out of Australia, they need to ensure about the permanent visa with a valid travel authority, if they wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident.
  • A citizen can vote in Australian Government elections and in most cases permanent residents cannot, however, if a permanent resident was enrolled to vote (as a British subject) prior to 1984, they may remain eligible to vote.

The document for Australian Permanent Residency includes the reports of the Vet assess skill assessment, qualification certificates, documents from the relevant registration and licensing if required. The Documents to show your level of English language proficiency is asked to submit. In the personal documents you need to submit the copies of biographical pages of present passports, travel documents of the main applicant and dependent applicants. The documents regarding health and character certificates are also considered at the time of filling the Australian Permanent Residency.

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To apply for the permanent residence in Australia one should be not more than 45 years of age.

The requirements for Permanent Residency in Australia are calculated according to these basic fundamental factors-
  • Age
  • Qualification
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Experience of Work
  • Adaptability

The Australian retirement visa is a temporary visa designed for the financially self-dependent retired people, willing to live in Australia during their retirement years. Such applicants should not have any other dependent. The most common visa under this category is Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405).

The PR Application can be rejected based on various factors, i.e.
  • The fake representation of key points, i.e. Work experience, employment details, etc.
  • Discrepancy in documents
  • Health and character certification not appropriate
  • Fraudulent claims with respect to skills, language proficiency, etc
  • Not meeting any other visa requirements
Find below the key refusal reasons of Australian Visa-
  • An applicant provides counterfeit documents
  • Untruthful representation of facts about your education, English proficiency or skills
  • Not able to pass the medical or character verification
  • Misinterpretation of the guidelines and subsequent declaring of the work experience that doesn’t pose
  • Submitting application under the incorrect occupation
  • Any member of the family not able to pass the medical/character or dependency requisite.

The Australian retirement visa is a temporary visa designed for the financially self-dependent retired people, willing to live in Australia during their retirement years. Such applicants should not have any other dependent. The most common visa under this category is Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405).

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