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Career Counseling

Today, students are smart and possess the ability to decide upon a career path but at a tender age, the accompanying inexperience can lead to confusion. Choosing a university or a career path needs to be done after thorough evaluation and it requires proper guidance and correct counseling. Career Counseling is significant for students particularly because they are at such an age where they are about to make some critical decisions of their life. At this point, we come into the picture and provide students all the assistance they require to realize their career calling and make highly informed decisions. GIC offers free Career Counseling to those interested and also to the ones who are considering undertaking such steps.

We, at GIC, have a productive discussion with the students and their parents to provide them the information and knowledge they need about the courses that are available and the courses they are interested in. The interaction involves a question-and-answer round which gives our counselors an insight into their requirements, desires, and aptitude. Keeping in mind the students’ strengths and aspirations, they are able to suggest the best course stream for them. Our team of professionals clears every doubt of the students; thus, putting them on the threshold of a satisfactory student life. Proper guidance is provided in terms of career paths so that they can choose wisely.

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