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We recognize that trying to set up a home is very challenging, coupled with finding your way around a new city, choosing accommodation and day-to-day living can be a challenge and stressful. Best for people who have a shortage on time to get things done, GIC offers to take care of their business efficiently and with a touch of class. We reduce your stress by having someone on the ground, acting on your behalf.

Supposedly you have children coming to a new country for further education and would feel more comfortable knowing there is someone on hand to help them should they require it; or are looking to relocate to a new country but don’t have the time to look for properties to rent, purchase or oversee renovations yourself, we offer help.

The concierge is a resource of great value—he or she can direct you to the best sights in town, acquire hard-to-come-by tickets and reservations, and even can arrange for transportation. Whatever your personal circumstances, we can manage as much or as little of your relocation project as you require – finding accommodation to organizing utilities and on-going domestic services.

We are delighted to offer our services (for a certain fee) to our valuable customers by using our contacts to make their lives a bit easier. Event planning, travel arrangements, dinner reservations, interior decorating and landscaping, locating hard-to-find items and collectibles are some of the services provided by us. We specialize in a comprehensive range of complementary services designed to make relocating and starting a life at a new location, run smoothly.

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